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PACE (Gifted and Talented)


I graduated from Murphy High School (c/o 98) here in Mobile! I ascended the state to Huntingdon College to get my undergraduate degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education (in 2002). I descended back to Mobile to begin my teaching career. While here, I have earned my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education (in 2005) and have also obtained my Master's degree in Special Education with a concentration in Gifted Education (in 2006). Just this past summer (in 2015) I completed my coursework for my Master's level certification in School Leadership. 


Meadowlake - I am very excited to be with you again! I am embarking on a return trip through the crystal waters of Meadowlake. This is my 13th year with you and my 16th year as a teacher. I began my teaching career as a 3rd grade teacher and then as a 5th grade teacher. Now, I work with young minds in a different way. Our travels this year will take us through many different cultures, where we will discuss greatness and systems! There's so much to learn! My addiction is books. In the words of the great Thomas Jefferson, "I cannot live without books." My husband and I absolutely LOVE going to used book stores and getting ice cream! I also fancy horseback riding, climbing, and singing in the car. We have lots of excitement in our household! We welcomed our first child (a precious little man, Ewan) in January of 2012! We welcomed our second child (our sweet baby love, Eliana) in April of 2013! Recently, my husband published his first book! It's called The Countdown. (Click on that link to see how awesome it is!) Lots of interesting things are happening in your world as well! I can't wait to find out all about them! 

New this year, I will be traveling to Burroughs to hold class. We will miss having the Burroughs students visit the Meadowlake campus, but all new adventures await!

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