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          After receiving my degree from The University of Alabama, I became devoted to teaching young children with diverse abilities. 


           Teaching is my passion!!!!  I have taught kindergarten for 15 years and I was a reading coach for 2 years. This will be my 17th year to teach and I am just as excited as the 1st day that I was hired. 


Dear Boys and Girls,

      I am Mrs. Branch and I will be your teacher this year.  This is my 20th year to have this awesome job.  Isn't that a long time?  During that time, I have learned so many fun things that I would like to teach you (building, singing, painting, planting, counting, reading and much more). I bet you can teach me new things too.  I can't wait to learn more about each of you. If you look at the following list, you will find out some interesting facts about me.

Facts about Mrs. Branch

  • The school where I received my teaching degree----

        The University Of Alabama 

  • Number of years I have been teaching---20 years (I bet you remembered that answer.)
  • Number of children----2 very sweet girls
  • Married----(Absolutely)
  • Pets----1 curious black lab
  • Favorite color----(aqua) I will teach you how to make that color.
  • Favorite candy---Snickers
  • Favorite Book---Gift from the Sea
  • Hobbies----painting, reading, decorating
  • Favorite place to go---The beach  

I hope that you have learned a little about me. On the first day of school, we are going to play a game so that I can find out about more about you.

Dear Parents,            

          Welcome to kindergarten!!!!!  My name is Mrs. Branch and throughout this school year it will be my special privilege to share with you a most cherished treasure - your child.    I want their experience in kindergarten to be one of trust, love, excitement, enjoyment, wonder, exploration, discovery, and fun.  Most importantly, I want them to experience the joy of learning.  

       I look forward to working with each of you so that together we can provide your child with the support, encouragement, and opportunities that will allow him or her to grow and mature into an enthusiastic, responsible student.  My classroom is always open to you so that you might share in your child's kindergarten experience.  Together we can make this school year the very best for your child.


                      Mrs. Branch




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